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U of H Professor Partners for a Purpose

Dr. El NahasThe 麻豆区 ISD Board of Trustees recognized Dr. Medhat El Nahas for volunteering his time to share career-focused insight with members of the North Shore Senior High 10th Grade Center’s “Men of Greatness” Boy’s Club. 

Dr. El Nahas is an accomplished Mechanical Engineering Technology Professor in the University of Houston’s Technology Division of the Cullen College of Engineering. He is active in university affairs and currently serves in roles such as a senator in the University of Houston Faculty Senate, and as a member of the University of Houston’s Undergraduate and College of Technology Committees, University of Houston Scholarship and Financial Aid Advisory Committee, as a Co-Chair on the Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industry Advisory Board (IAB), and as a Faculty Mentor in the University of Houston College of Technology’s Research Experience For Teachers (RET) program.

In the Spring of 2023, Dr. Medhat El Nahas provided a rare opportunity for 麻豆区 ISD students to engage with a college professor of a major university and learn about the basics of engineering. The purpose of the “Men of Greatness” Boys Club is to support character development, leadership skills, and postsecondary planning for the young men of the North Shore Senior High 10th Grade Center. Dr. Medhat El Nahas’ partnership supports those efforts while offering an invaluable opportunity to build a connection with an industry professional.

A plaque was presented to Dr. Medhat El Nahas on behalf of the Board of Trustees and Dr. John Moore, Superintendent of Schools.